Frequently Asked Lighting Questions


It’s time to see the brighter side of your home–and LICENSEE LEGAL NAME has light fixtures that will get you excited about illumination. Utilizing the right lighting can easily make or break a space, so it’s important your modern lighting fixtures are as fashionable as they are functional. Thoughtfully placed table lamps solve the need for focus or task lighting, for example, while pendants and fanciful chandeliers elevate with an ambient glow. No more fretting over the perfect dining room lighting; the dim glow of a pendant set will surely warm your friends’ hearts come dinnertime.

Whatever you’re looking for, accentuating your home with lighting is a surefire way to take any room to new levels of chic. Easy, affordable, and stylish—now that’s something everyone can flip the switch on!

What’s the Best Lighting for Each Main Room of The House?

Every area in the home can instantly look more elegant with the right lighting fixture (or fixtures, depending on the space).

For living room lighting, consider lamp sets to cover the seating area—one on each end table would work beautifully—or even a hanging pendant light to draw in extra texture or mixed media with metals and woods. Glam it up in the bedroom with a pendant or chandelier, which will save you table surface on nightstands. Your foyer could use an LED light fixture that diffuses the bright outside lighting to something more inviting and approachable as you and guests come indoors. And, like we mentioned before, dining rooms are definitely becoming more casual-cool, so any glass shaded pendant set will set the scene wonderfully, without coming across as too formal or stuffy.

What are the Different Styles of Lighting?

Although the actual lighting depends on your fixture or lamp’s bulb wattage, as well as the types of bulbs themselves (such as frosted, natural light or warm or incandescent bulbs), there are specific kinds of light designed for work and play. In a home office or reading nook, you’re going to want task lighting, which hones in on a desk or area where you need focused light. For a wider area, the glow of ambient light is sure to set the mood just right.

In terms of style, contemporary lighting fixtures are all the rage with glass shades and natural finishes that let the beauty of exposed bulbs shine. For an edgier look, industrial farmhouse lighting also reins in gorgeous panache with sleek, galvanized metals and natural wood finishes for stunning appeal overhead.

How do I Know Which Lighting Materials are Best?

When it comes to elegant lighting, a combination of safety, style, and high-quality materials are key. All of LICENSEE LEGAL NAME’s lighting are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, meaning we’ve tested all our products to meet industry requirements for the very best in safety standards. Every lighting fixture frame has durable materials, including metals, fabric shades, and even glazed ceramic to accommodate design and safety all-in-one.

You can rest assured that all our lighting comes with detailed instructions for safe assembly. For hardwired fixtures, professional installation is highly recommended to ensure stability and that the electrical systems in your house aren’t compromised in any way.